Axios’ New Strategy to Tackle AI Challenges

Alvaro Liuzzi
2 min readMay 2, 2024

Founded in January 2017, Axios emerged in response to the need for smarter and more efficient coverage of topics shaping a rapidly changing world. As a media outlet primarily focused on politics and economics, its schematic and brief news format has allowed it to position itself as a new benchmark in the industry.

In April, the organization announced that they will address the advancement of artificial intelligence with a focus on quality journalism and human connections. Under the direction of Jim VandeHei, CEO of the company, Axios plans to differentiate itself from the AI-driven trends prevailing in the information ecosystem.

In an interview with the New York Times, VandeHei expressed that AI could be devastating for media outlets that do not prepare adequately, which is why they are redefining their strategy to focus more on human talent and less on the production of massive, automated content. According to VandeHei, the value of journalistic skills and the generation of reliable content cannot be replicated by machines.

As part of this strategy, Axios is investing in live events and a membership program that focuses on its most influential journalists. These programs aim to provide exclusive content and opportunities for direct interaction, with the hope of fostering greater loyalty and audience engagement.

Additionally, the company is expanding Axios Pro, a series of subscription-based newsletters focused on specific sectors. These newsletters are designed to provide detailed analysis and data that surpass the quality of information that could be obtained from automatically generated sources.

Despite these efforts, Axios is not yet profitable, and the long-term financial sustainability of these new approaches remains unclear. The company continues to invest in its expansion and in hiring journalists despite a context of sustained financial pressure.

With the intention of finding answers to how AI could alter the way the public accesses news, Axios is also exploring ways to protect its content and ensure fair compensation for its use by AI technologies, reflecting a concern across the entire industry.

VandeHei hopes that, in a future dominated by artificial intelligence, Axios will stand out by offering quality content and maintaining meaningful connections with its audience, based on the principles of trust, expertise, and practical application that have always characterized its content.

This approach raises several questions, mainly whether Axios’ bet on quality and human interaction can stand out in a market that will be saturated with automatically generated content.

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